Back to C++, in Engrish

cee.pngI’m back to C++, at least for now. I’m in a process re-writing some of my (personal) apps to C using MFC (or wxWidgets). I’m doing this because I’m looking forward to code in C++ a lot more in the future. I’m quite satisfied with my current knowledge of Delphi, and frankly understanding Delphi’s (Object Pascal) programming helps my (re)transition to C++.

I worked my way through C++ basic (again) for a few hours, and some other quirks in C and how to do basic things done in C++. I’m using my free copy of VS.NET express, but that’ll (probably) change soon as I’m downloading wxDev C++. From the words I’ve heard about it, it sounds like ‘okay’ and might stand a chance as a good alternative for someone like me –someone coming from GUI-based IDE.

From my experience (so far) I realized that Delphi really has it’s own good points, and I did struggle with C++ to ‘do things’ like the way I used to in Delphi. As it turns out although not actually the same, now I know how to ‘do things’ C++ way. And these C++ ways of ‘doing things’ makes me really appreciate Delphi.

I guess it’s true then, you’ll appreciate the things you don’t have even more than the ones you have.

Nah, I guess that’ll change too. I’ll see where this fascinating world of C will take me.


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