Do As Infinity back?

My only guiltless weaboo pleasure, are planning to get back together and maybe to release new “materials”. Kindda make me curious, is that “materials” means new songs, albums, live tours? Anyway, good news is good news, although I realized I’m (almost) a month late to know this.

Anyway, here’s the news from Do As Infinity official website :

2005年の秋、Do As Infinityは6年間の活動にピリオドを打ち解散しました。


「もう一度Do As Infinityの音楽をやりたい。」

離れて初めてDo As Infinityの全体の形が見えた気がします。




and now the translation, courtesy of Google :

In the autumn of 2005, Do As Infinity for a period of six years was dissolved hit.
Differences in the direction of music and 24-hour staff members and of human relationships and the busy schedule of軋轢
Such as chronic fatigue caused by a variety of things, all from the new踏MI出SHITAKATTA step.
Then, each about 3 years and enjoy a fulfilling activity had music.

This spring, with little opportunity to meet members and staff, the opportunity to bloom on the old tale.
It was cut for a while, but slowly and then contact TOMONAKU廻RI mess began.

“Again I want music, Do As Infinity.”
“We have some unfinished.”

Is commonplace to find the lost, for each lot.
Do As Infinity apart for the first time I saw the shape of the overall feel.
Certainly are disbanded once careful to discuss each other many times.
, But beyond the simple wish to resume the team spirit was a priority.

September 29, this year to re-start the next day in the first 30 days will be free to live.
Activities around for a while to live, work release in the spring we think.

The more everyone would be grateful for your continued support.

Blank continues to support us for three years you fancy brigade, thank you.
OK, now we are strong.


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