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Facebook sekarat? Yay!!

tee..hee..hee..Setelah sekian banyak website social networking yang “menjangkiti” Indonesia, dimana yang terbaru adalah Facebook (FB). Dengan banyaknya orang sekeliling gw yang mulai “main” FB gw bisa konfirmasikan bahwa Facebook punya basis pengguna yang cukup lumayan di Indonesia.

Kesan yang gw dapatkan dalam dua tahun terakhir adalah Facebook “lebih trendy” dan “gaul” daripada website-website sebelumnya seperti Multiply, Friendster, dan sebagainya. Kalau orang yang pintar bisa lebih kritis karena “trendy” dan “gaul” (yang disini berupa kata sifat) sangat subjektif dan tidak menjelaskan banyak hal; selain populer. Kesimpulan sementara yang bisa gw ambil: dasar latah.

Anyway, kemarin gw baca berita bahwa FB memiliki kesulitan finansial karena cost yang di-anggarkan untuk tiap user –dengan jumlah user sekarang ini yang sangat banyak– menyebabkan masalah serius dalam bisnis mereka. Nampaknya antara pemasukan dan pengeluaran mereka sudah njomplang sebelah gitu.

Untuk sementara gw sedang tertawa dalam hati seperti kucing dalam post ini. Pendapat pribadi gw? Biarin aja mati, gw mau lihat orang-orang yang keranjingan FB merana selama beberapa minggu. Emangnya tiap hari gak bisa hidup kalau tidak sentuh FB?

Kalo gw sendiri sih gak punya soalnya ogah!



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PulseAudio on Kubuntu 8.10

This part was supposed to be a part of A Few Days In KDE 4 post, but I think it deserves its own post.

First of all, when I played with my new Kubuntu I realized that I forgot to backup PulseAudio settings. Damn. Anyway, this might be a good read for everybody else trying to get PulseAudio working, which I did in 20 minutes or so (most of the times spent downloading PulseAudio and everything else needed to make it work) to get my previous setup.

For a starter, I have to enable ALSA to use PulseAudio output, so I typed this into ~/.asoundrc:

pcm.pulse {
  type  pulse

ctl.pulse {
  type  pulse

This should enable PulseAudio audio playback on ALSA (the one I’m using right now and in the past).

Next I have to (re)configure PulseAudio server in this computer, just create another file at ~/.pulse/ and put this in it:

load-module module-alsa-sink
load-module module-native-protocol-tcp auth-ip-acl=;

The first line should load the ALSA module to make PulseAudio use ALSA. The next one is to use native TCP protocol nothing fancy really, with a restriction on clients able to ‘send’ their sound to this computer. In this case I’m accepting sound from my local LAN (machines starting with “192.168” on their IP) and localhost (; of course with extra precaution put on my firewall to block all entrance using PulseAudio port through unwanted network interfaces.

I tried to start PulseAudio for the first time by typing pulseaudio on the console. Right now not only that I know my settings working but I also got ~/.pulse-cookie created by PulseAudio. This is important because this is the cookie that allow the client computer, the one that provides playback, the one with MPD playing my songs, to connect to this computer. This is like public key in SSH, if you know what I’m talking about. Anyway what I have to do is to copy it to the remote machine to make PulseAudio authentication work; scp to the rescue!

At this stage PulseAudio should run as your everyday program, while what I want is to start as a daemon. So to make PulseAudio start as a background program, I created another file called ~/.pulse/daemon.conf and put this in it, a self-explanatory line:


After that when I started pulseaudio it works in the background, perfect. Now I can listen to music like I did before :D.

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A Few Days In KDE 4

I managed to install KDE 4 since the last post, it was not so hard but of course not without quirks. As I managed to post this thing on my new install of 8.10, been trying it for a few days, adjusting to new concepts and UI, etc. I can say that I’m disappointed with the new KDE, I prefer KDE 3.5 but I’ll survive this one; no.. and I still like this one over Gnome.

Getting Ready

First of all the installation process itself was not right after the ISO download. Before logging off I created a backup of my home directory, a simple tar command followed by scp took 4 ~ 5 minutes to backup everything to a safe place before restarting the box.

As a personal custom before installing new OS, I usually start the whole thing with diagnostic process, starting with defragging my XP installations (both of them), with mandatory scandisk on each system just to be safe, all took me 2 ~ 3 hours (slow, I know.. :)). After I’m satisfied with my hard disk condition I rebooted to Kubuntu to copy the ISO file to my server box, which in turn will host my HTTP-based installation but a quick glance at my CDs pile found me a nice yet unused CD-RW, so I scratch that idea away. I thought a CD installation is better anyway because I might want to install this one on another machine. Burning the ISO image took 20 ~ 30 minutes including verification, of course I test the CD by mounting and browsing it for a while before logging off, yet again.

I restarted the box, alter the BIOS boot sequence and after a few seconds presented with the language selection menu only to be followed by the Live-CD boot menu. I added nofstab to the end of Live-CD boot parameters because I don’t want it to mount my filesystems because I want to resize my previous Linux installation to a comfortable 5 GB (from 3 GB :D).

My First KDE 4 Experience

The new interface looked great, I enjoyed it for 5 minutes or so before I experienced my first KDE 4 crash notification; not good. The screen flickers, oh God, what can I say.. almost drive me nuts. I noticed my network already up (God bless the dude who invented DHCP), I login to my server box, get myself online and search the Google how to kill fix this. Either my Google-fu was strong that day or it was a common problem I don’t know, I found a solution to kill the ‘Detecting RANDR changes’ service in a minute (which is a good thing because the next minute I might gone postal).

Making Rooms

I started the install process, a nice one I might add. It detected my hard disk layout right away, and of course I chose manual partitioning. The interface reminds me to Partition Magic, somehow for a few seconds I hesitated to delete my Linux install although I know I did backup everything: documents, logs, home directory, including deb packages.

Anyway after a few seconds of self-cursing I deleted my old Linux partition, and resize the previous partition to make room for a larger ‘unallocated’ partition. I reformat the new and larger partition as ext3, and set its mount point to ‘/’ before moving forward. After a few minutes, formatting file system was a success and I have to accept that my old Linux partition is gone, with everything that I forgot to backup; if any.

Post Installation

The installation took, roughly, 30 minutes for me without any problem along the process. Nice. After a disturbing startup sound getting cut-off after a few seconds (I know this is not supposed to be like this, not that I’ve installed it on my harddisk) I played around with KDE 4. Nice interface and all, but I do miss things from KDE 3.5 though.

After get bored with playing around on the interface (all those shininess only lasts for a few hours) I have to restore any important settings from my previous setup, things such as SSH known hosts, a few tiny python scripts to get things going, and a plethora of articles, books, and saved pages to finish since I don’t have the time to read them all, yet.

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Lo, Intrepid Ibex is coming

It would be a couple of minutes now, to finish my download of Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex. Yeah really, I embraced the idea to download Ubuntu, something was unthinkable on my previous dial up connection. Nice to see someone spend their monthly quota on something other than stupid Youtube video streams, right?

I’m using Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and the idea got into me after I drool over a few KDE 4 screenshots. The decision was not without doubt, however, I put quite a few days before hitting that download link yesterday. I know there are several issues on KDE 4, both on usability front and stability wise with the later more weighs more important to me.

Well, its done now. I shall march forward to the sweat, blood, and tears after a fresh install!! (and prospective self-loathing why I did this in the first place). This might my last time posting this using my trusted Kubuntu 7.10.

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