Lo, Intrepid Ibex is coming

It would be a couple of minutes now, to finish my download of Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex. Yeah really, I embraced the idea to download Ubuntu, something was unthinkable on my previous dial up connection. Nice to see someone spend their monthly quota on something other than stupid Youtube video streams, right?

I’m using Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and the idea got into me after I drool over a few KDE 4 screenshots. The decision was not without doubt, however, I put quite a few days before hitting that download link yesterday. I know there are several issues on KDE 4, both on usability front and stability wise with the later more weighs more important to me.

Well, its done now. I shall march forward to the sweat, blood, and tears after a fresh install!! (and prospective self-loathing why I did this in the first place). This might my last time posting this using my trusted Kubuntu 7.10.


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