A Few Days In KDE 4

I managed to install KDE 4 since the last post, it was not so hard but of course not without quirks. As I managed to post this thing on my new install of 8.10, been trying it for a few days, adjusting to new concepts and UI, etc. I can say that I’m disappointed with the new KDE, I prefer KDE 3.5 but I’ll survive this one; no.. and I still like this one over Gnome.

Getting Ready

First of all the installation process itself was not right after the ISO download. Before logging off I created a backup of my home directory, a simple tar command followed by scp took 4 ~ 5 minutes to backup everything to a safe place before restarting the box.

As a personal custom before installing new OS, I usually start the whole thing with diagnostic process, starting with defragging my XP installations (both of them), with mandatory scandisk on each system just to be safe, all took me 2 ~ 3 hours (slow, I know.. :)). After I’m satisfied with my hard disk condition I rebooted to Kubuntu to copy the ISO file to my server box, which in turn will host my HTTP-based installation but a quick glance at my CDs pile found me a nice yet unused CD-RW, so I scratch that idea away. I thought a CD installation is better anyway because I might want to install this one on another machine. Burning the ISO image took 20 ~ 30 minutes including verification, of course I test the CD by mounting and browsing it for a while before logging off, yet again.

I restarted the box, alter the BIOS boot sequence and after a few seconds presented with the language selection menu only to be followed by the Live-CD boot menu. I added nofstab to the end of Live-CD boot parameters because I don’t want it to mount my filesystems because I want to resize my previous Linux installation to a comfortable 5 GB (from 3 GB :D).

My First KDE 4 Experience

The new interface looked great, I enjoyed it for 5 minutes or so before I experienced my first KDE 4 crash notification; not good. The screen flickers, oh God, what can I say.. almost drive me nuts. I noticed my network already up (God bless the dude who invented DHCP), I login to my server box, get myself online and search the Google how to kill fix this. Either my Google-fu was strong that day or it was a common problem I don’t know, I found a solution to kill the ‘Detecting RANDR changes’ service in a minute (which is a good thing because the next minute I might gone postal).

Making Rooms

I started the install process, a nice one I might add. It detected my hard disk layout right away, and of course I chose manual partitioning. The interface reminds me to Partition Magic, somehow for a few seconds I hesitated to delete my Linux install although I know I did backup everything: documents, logs, home directory, including deb packages.

Anyway after a few seconds of self-cursing I deleted my old Linux partition, and resize the previous partition to make room for a larger ‘unallocated’ partition. I reformat the new and larger partition as ext3, and set its mount point to ‘/’ before moving forward. After a few minutes, formatting file system was a success and I have to accept that my old Linux partition is gone, with everything that I forgot to backup; if any.

Post Installation

The installation took, roughly, 30 minutes for me without any problem along the process. Nice. After a disturbing startup sound getting cut-off after a few seconds (I know this is not supposed to be like this, not that I’ve installed it on my harddisk) I played around with KDE 4. Nice interface and all, but I do miss things from KDE 3.5 though.

After get bored with playing around on the interface (all those shininess only lasts for a few hours) I have to restore any important settings from my previous setup, things such as SSH known hosts, a few tiny python scripts to get things going, and a plethora of articles, books, and saved pages to finish since I don’t have the time to read them all, yet.


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