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Holy crackamoley Batman! I just know how to use escape keys in OpenSSH!

Few minutes ago I just found out that I can actually send SSH session into background by suspending it. From now on I can use one terminal for everything I need.

How is it done? That sneaky escape_char is the key. A quick glance at the ssh manual should explain you all about it, but I found it hard to practice; I just can’t understand what “The escape character is only recognized at the beginning of a line” is supposed to mean.

I mean I know that sentence in English, duh, but what the heck is this “at the beginning of a line” is all about? Are we talking about the shell prompt here or what, Vim? I recall that every time I send a command it occupy its own line, is this a trick to confuse newbie? Even though I know that you CAN type multiple-line commands, but that is not what I’m concerned about.

I tried to type ‘~?’ literally, but that didn’t work. As I just found out (by bashing my keyboard like a space chimps) “the beginning of a line” mentioned here is to put empty command before entering ~. So all I have to do in my terminal is this:

$ < press Return / Enter >
$ < just press key combination to '~', which in my case Shift + ` >

It will be easier that way especially because I’m accustomed to reuse commands from history, walking through the command each character/word at a time, or plain-ol’ Ctrl + C.

For practice purpose I recommend you to try the ~? command. It will print the other available commands, lookup the manual to find out more.

All this time… can you imagine that??


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Because I got ICO files and I want them in PNG.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import os, glob

# location of the files
sourceDir = "/media/yamazaki/Work/Pictures/Icons/KidsXP/"
# output directory
targetDir = "/tmp/kidsxp_png/"
# the real processor of this script: imagemagick 
convertCmd = "convert %s[9] -resize %s %s"
# which categories to process? all of 'em?
processDirs = ("actions", "apps", "devices", "filesystems", "mimetypes")
# extract it and move into known usable sizes 
knownSizes = ('16x16', '22x22', '32x32', '48x48', '64x64', '96x96', '128x128')

def processDir(path, thissize):
  print "Processing source path : %s" % path
  dummy, category = os.path.split(path)

  for item in glob.glob(path + '/*.ico'):
    dummy, itemName = os.path.split(item)
    tgtDir = os.path.join(targetDir, thissize, category, '')
    tgtName = itemName[:-3] + 'png' # "xyz.ico" filename to "xyz.png"
    print "Writing %20s -> %s" % (itemName, tgtDir + tgtName)
    if not os.path.exists(tgtDir):
    cmd = convertCmd % (item, thissize, tgtDir + tgtName)
    # execute
    os.system(cmd)  # ooh! the horror!!

for item in processDirs:
  s = sourceDir + item
  if os.path.isdir(s):
    for size in knownSizes:
      processDir(s, size)
    print "Skipping %s" % (s)

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