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Wow, even Geocities is closing down

Although I didn’t put any attention to Geocities for the past few years; I never log in TO Geocities for years, maybe, but apparently the service is closing.

I do have an account there (who doesn’t?), and it was from way back 2002. I remember back then when Geocities was a company of its own, before Yahoo! bought them. It IS a great service, provided if you dont mind using HTML-only website, I know one or two guys who do. So here I am, waiting for another hour because my hourly limit just sets off from downloading my files.

I don’t know what’s next, will Google close its GMail service in 2018? I hope I’ll live long enough to see that happening.


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Stupid Debian Kernel

I freaked out when my server computer didn’t boot to my new Debian install. I guess something about this generic kernel just ain’t right; I mean at least on this computer, because somehow it ran just fine on VirtualBox.

For a quick hack I tried booting from some live cd (I think it was a Slax) so at least I can mount it and get an older kernel from my other computer, extract the old 2.6.22-generic kernel from backup archive (that was coming from an Ubuntu 7.04 partition, because that’s my only kernel backup) and get that damned grub to play nicely by setting it to default. Why? Because I’m using an old CRT monitor, so old that I can’t see anything before 3 to 5 minutes after the first time i press power-on button or reset; I know.. I know it’s time to get a new one;).

Now at least I can get online from LAN-sharing because I can’t get Huawei E220 to work yet. Something that was as trivial as ‘wvdial MyNetProfile &’ have to wait because I know that I have to get/compile a better kernel. So, yeah busy. But the bright side of this whole situation is nothing of value deleted from this install …….. yet (O’ UNIX gods, please guide my fingers).


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