The Joy Of New Toy

I think I just found out how to download a file from an online file storage for free without that silly ‘waiting time’ thing. It doesn’t require anything else than a not-your-everyday web-browser, a decent web proxy which I have to say not so difficult to find, and a bit of brain cells.

No, this is not using proxy to skip IP-based detection from the server’s part. I use proxy because as I also found out, in the past, that they put downloads limit for my country. This might sound unfair, but I know that I can think one reason why they put a downloads limit; anyway that’s not the point.

If I did’t know better I might post it on the internet, but I know (and I think anybody else who smart enough) once it made into public knowledge then bye bye to no ‘waiting time’.

Hmm… now let me see, is there anything else I would like to download from this file storage website?


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