Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10

Kubuntu 9.10 ScreenshotAs if continuing to my own tradition, that is to upgrade to every x.10 release, I just manage to upgrade my Linux install to Kubuntu 9.10. Yay, another 600-`somthing` megabytes wasted. I would like to report my experience so far, and if you don’t like about it you are more than welcome to navigate away from this page, on my seemingly dead blog.

First, the download, as usual, filled with guilt and curses. Mainly moaning about my slow internet connection and various hate-themed blog drafts on the subject never made it here just because the connection was too crappy while downloading.

Next, the live CD session was a good thing. I’ve seen worse from the Kubuntu dev team *cough*8.10*cough* so I didn’t budge at the very least. Kubuntu 9.10 featuring a sane interface, IMO, and everything seems shiny. The QtCurve is a big factor in this release because in the very first minute with Karmic Koala I switched from Oxygen to QtCurve because I’m too lazy to waste my time by getting senile over inconsistency between Qt and GTK apps. Karmic Koala with QtCurve made my day, or night, whatever.

Next, as upgrading on every-other Kubuntu release made me learn, is `that GRUB menu` issue. Because I want to allocate more space for linux partition, (don’t worry here I did backup my stuff, I think..) and I want to use the sexxxxy ext4, so reformat it is. The usual drill for Windows partition: backup, scan, defrag, have been done before I made the final plunge. *aargh!*

I was half surprised, although it is obvious because I just formatted my partition so I’m going to see new files but my gotcha moment came from the missing /boot/grub/menu.lst file. Instead, I was greeted by a shell-script-like grub.cfg file with fancy *.mod files scattered all around. Okay now, I have to confess that I didn’t follow GRUB development progress like EVERY Kubuntu user, so I did (a little, a little bit.. coz you know, I have to maintain my image as a resourceful IT dude *hehehehe..*) freaked out for 5 seconds or so. The vulnerability feeling sucks, even for a minute. I have to get online, Google for a while, before learning the NEW and IMPROVED(tm) way to do the same old stuff. Bastards.

After the mandatory apt-get update, pulling in a few important apps, setting up ssh, compiling FPC + Lazarus, mucking around with python installation, and sudo nvidia-settings, and a futile attempt browsing the games package (in short: getting used to the new environment) I realized my audio didn’t work. Somewhere along the line between my first login to a few sudo apt-get install killed the sound. I recalled there was audio on login but somehow sox cant play my ogg files now.

The solution to my audio problem was to create the .asoundrc, .pulse/default.pa, and .pulse/daemon.conf file, add myself to pulse group, and crank the volume using alsa-mixer, a minute of BIG DEAL. So I’m a little bit experienced with PulseAudio, so what? Pull in gmpc (and its dependency) from the repository and in no time I can listen to music streaming from my server computer.

Now I’m sitting here, headphone in my ears, sipping coffee while one hand typing this post.


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