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Analytic Hierarchy Processs (AHP) in Python

One day I have to implement AHP in Python, so this is what I came up with: a and a test unit called to demonstrate its usage.

Due to this account limitation I have to upload as ODT files, but you can rename them by replacing “-py.odt” into “.py” in the filename. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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That face and angle

Why people can’t take pictures of themselves without making that face? Almost every profile picture I’ve seen featuring the person in *that face*, am I missing something here? It irritates me. What is that? Really..

And that angle, the one I’d like to call as ‘puberty-teen’-angle. Are you people having conditions that making it hard to take picture straight? Is this the cool stuff nowadays? Or maybe just a trick to hide the fact that you’re a fat loser, such an attempt on camera trick perhaps?

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