Wireless Router

Just got a new, and shiny, wireless router. It’s a cheap one the WRT-120N and it says it can run in b, g and n. We have 2 laptops that can run n but since my PCI-based adapter can only run on b or g then I guess there’s a “handshake” on the speed thingie so it runs on g.

The good thing is I can share internet connection, get connected with my server-computer anywhere in the house, and also stream music to anyone; so the speed is not too shabby for my need. I have yet to try play game(s) on it like something traffic intensive but not too heavy on hardware requirements just to try it out.

The only downside is that I cant SSH to it and play with it. It lacks a decent DNS and DHCP server. Not that I doesn’t have any DHCP server, it does, but I was expecting more configuration than that. It would be great to install Bind9 and dhcpd on it but well that’s what you get when buying dumbed-down consumer-grade equipments. Maybe I should get that WRT54GL in the first place anyway.


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