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My QtCurve KDE

Just want to share my desktop look, because I’ve been using it for a while and still satisfied by it —you can at least try to fake a shock and awe now.

Now, a nice screenshot:
KDE4 QtCurve Screenshot

What it is

Most of the look customization provided by QtCurve with my own minor hacks to the code, but really I have to say mostly are unnoticeable from vanilla QtCurve compile.

In general, its a blue-ish with smooth gradient look on an Oxygen-like window decoration. It looks great on native KDE apps and not so great for GTK apps, most notably the thin scrollbar which I found somewhat troublesome when using LibreOffice Calc.

Small sheet tabs on LibreOffice Calc

Other than that I’m satisfied with it.


What, you want it too? Well, I just happen to zip all the files (with two additional themes, and a color scheme) and unconsciously upload it to a download-friendly file hosting.

My KDE + QtCurve


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