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Greyrobin, My QtCurve Version of Greybird

So I saw Xubuntu’s default XFCE theme from a screenshot few days ago and I like it, enough to look for a KDE version of it. Sadly none exists at the time, and so I think I might have to create one.

This is my attempt to re-create Greybird using what I already have in KDE. I try to put as much as controls in that screenshot to show how it looks like in different applications.

I dont have XFCE installed so I’m using Greybird screenshots from a Google search. I’m sorry if I don’t get all the details right, but for me it’s close enough.

How To Get It

All you need is QtCurve which you can install it from source or from your distribution package, and good ol’ KDE.

Now you need this QtCurve theme file and a matching KDE color scheme and extract it somewhere, for example:

$ cd /tmp
$ wget
$ unxz greyrobin.tar.xz|tar xvf -

Now go to KDE System Settings > Application Appearance and click “Style”, in the “Applications” tab select “QtCurve” as widget style and click “Configure…”. Now you should get the QtCurve configuration dialog, in the “Presets” groupbox click “Import…” and select the greyrobin.qtcurve file. Make sure the new theme is selected and dismiss the dialog by clicking “OK”.

Select “Colors” on the left list (just under the “Style” icon), in the “Scheme” tab click the “Import Scheme…” button and select the boringgrey.colors file. Select the new color scheme and click the “Apply” button.

Click “Overview” button on the toolbar to get you back to KDE System Settings and select “Workspace Appearance”. In the “Window Decorations” make sure the “QtCurve” decoration is selected, select it if not and click “Apply” to use it.

Now, optionally, you can install and use the “Ubuntu” font size 12 as your “Window title” font setting to get the full effect.


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