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Trippy Math

Today, I accidentally found a math book for primary school student. Part being curious and devilish at the same time I scribbled and somewhat ‘solve’ some of the problems; if not making it worse. Here’s one:

and another one:

The sad part of it? It took me roughly five full minutes to solve the second one. It was the last problem in the book that I took before putting it down and start cursing my math teachers when I was in school.

WARNING: The solutions presented here is not to be taken as correct. If you see any mistake, well that’s the point of this post :).


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Pascal, Python, C

A quick question: How many days you can go writing code alternately in three different programming language without accidentally mixing them?

My answer is 3 days. I caught writing def, return on Pascal file, := on C and Python files, and … for .. in in C. So it is true, sometimes you can type faster than your brain remembering minor detail called syntax.

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