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Oh Noes, I Wrote A Program

Long time no update, sorry but in the mean time I managed to get busy with life, ha! What? You think I write blogs all day long?

It’s an image viewer folks.

Yes, I can hear the collective cry of “great, yet another image viewer that the world needs” and you might disappointed that I haven’t yet complete my zillion dollars super fast kernel that will eclipse Linux and BSD alike and shock the entire IT world. Well, in my defense I would if I manage to start that project.. but in the mean time I hope you would forgive my insolence of NOT fulfilling your high standard o’ reader of my blog. I’m sure being a blog reader gives you the authority over some guy over the internet to do your bidding.

In case your sense of humor is out of wack, please read the last paragraph as a joke. Thank you.

Anyway, this is what it looks like:

Oh noes, a screenshot!

Oh noes, a screenshot!

If you wince hard enough you’ll see Gwenview, well IT IS one of the main reason I wrote this damn program. For now, its name is “Lihat” which depending if you care or not to try to pronounce it but really from my side, I don’t care if you can pronounce it at all. We’re both random dudes on the internet, you can call it whatever you want.

Why you say? Well because a) I can, b) it was started with “how hard could it be?”, and c) IrfanView looks like someone from east europe wrote a program in the 90’s and still haven’t bothered to update the interface of (maybe) the most used image viewer program for Windows.


the program I mean, not Napoleon, mind you

Oh my god, its so seggssy!

For people who cares, fret not, I intend to release the code as open source. Besides, who makes millions from just an image viewer?

What is this? I don't even ..

What’s this? I don’t even ..

As you can see, I manage to put a useless feature here.

As you can see, I manage to put a useless feature here.

Please stay tuned, I’m working on it.. I’ll release it soon enough. If I haven’t upload it somewhere after a while, please bother me on the comment, or not.. I don’t care.


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Back to C++, in Engrish

cee.pngI’m back to C++, at least for now. I’m in a process re-writing some of my (personal) apps to C using MFC (or wxWidgets). I’m doing this because I’m looking forward to code in C++ a lot more in the future. I’m quite satisfied with my current knowledge of Delphi, and frankly understanding Delphi’s (Object Pascal) programming helps my (re)transition to C++.

I worked my way through C++ basic (again) for a few hours, and some other quirks in C and how to do basic things done in C++. I’m using my free copy of VS.NET express, but that’ll (probably) change soon as I’m downloading wxDev C++. From the words I’ve heard about it, it sounds like ‘okay’ and might stand a chance as a good alternative for someone like me –someone coming from GUI-based IDE.

From my experience (so far) I realized that Delphi really has it’s own good points, and I did struggle with C++ to ‘do things’ like the way I used to in Delphi. As it turns out although not actually the same, now I know how to ‘do things’ C++ way. And these C++ ways of ‘doing things’ makes me really appreciate Delphi.

I guess it’s true then, you’ll appreciate the things you don’t have even more than the ones you have.

Nah, I guess that’ll change too. I’ll see where this fascinating world of C will take me.

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