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Trippy Math

Today, I accidentally found a math book for primary school student. Part being curious and devilish at the same time I scribbled and somewhat ‘solve’ some of the problems; if not making it worse. Here’s one:

and another one:

The sad part of it? It took me roughly five full minutes to solve the second one. It was the last problem in the book that I took before putting it down and start cursing my math teachers when I was in school.

WARNING: The solutions presented here is not to be taken as correct. If you see any mistake, well that’s the point of this post :).


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Multiple Items Existence Check in Python

This is new for me, sometimes I want to do this:

aList = [1, 2, 3, 5, 7];

if (2, 3) in aList:   # I want to check whether 2 and 3 is in aList
    doSomethingCool( );

that code right there is a logical error, I thought the interpreter will search aList for items inside the tuple while the truth is that it will look for the existence of a tuple with 2 and 3 in it inside aList.

Thanks to some guy’s code which I happened to stumble upon, now I know that I can use all( ) function to do that. A leaner solution than the tedious enumeration of all items and checking it one by one. Here’s a demonstration:

# instead of this ..
allFound = True;
for num in (2, 3):
    if not (num in aList):
        allFound = False;
if allFound:
    doSomethingCool( );

# now I can use this ...
if all(num in aList for num in (2, 3)):
    doSomethingCool( );

wow, look at that! It makes perfect sense because most of the gist in that sample is a list comprehension and all( ) made up the invisible AND between the list items. Another similar function to all( ) is the appropriately-named any( ) which having the effect of OR instead of AND.

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Wow, even Geocities is closing down

Although I didn’t put any attention to Geocities for the past few years; I never log in TO Geocities for years, maybe, but apparently the service is closing.

I do have an account there (who doesn’t?), and it was from way back 2002. I remember back then when Geocities was a company of its own, before Yahoo! bought them. It IS a great service, provided if you dont mind using HTML-only website, I know one or two guys who do. So here I am, waiting for another hour because my hourly limit just sets off from downloading my files.

I don’t know what’s next, will Google close its GMail service in 2018? I hope I’ll live long enough to see that happening.

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Holy crackamoley Batman! I just know how to use escape keys in OpenSSH!

Few minutes ago I just found out that I can actually send SSH session into background by suspending it. From now on I can use one terminal for everything I need.

How is it done? That sneaky escape_char is the key. A quick glance at the ssh manual should explain you all about it, but I found it hard to practice; I just can’t understand what “The escape character is only recognized at the beginning of a line” is supposed to mean.

I mean I know that sentence in English, duh, but what the heck is this “at the beginning of a line” is all about? Are we talking about the shell prompt here or what, Vim? I recall that every time I send a command it occupy its own line, is this a trick to confuse newbie? Even though I know that you CAN type multiple-line commands, but that is not what I’m concerned about.

I tried to type ‘~?’ literally, but that didn’t work. As I just found out (by bashing my keyboard like a space chimps) “the beginning of a line” mentioned here is to put empty command before entering ~. So all I have to do in my terminal is this:

$ < press Return / Enter >
$ < just press key combination to '~', which in my case Shift + ` >

It will be easier that way especially because I’m accustomed to reuse commands from history, walking through the command each character/word at a time, or plain-ol’ Ctrl + C.

For practice purpose I recommend you to try the ~? command. It will print the other available commands, lookup the manual to find out more.

All this time… can you imagine that??

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I’m a Kungfu Master!! Yowzaaa!

Ternyata gw adalah Kung Fu Master. 😀

What Video Game Character Are You? I am Kung Fu Master.I am Kung Fu Master.I like to be in control of myself. I dislike crowds, especially crowds containing people trying to kill me. Even though I always win, I prefer to avoid fights if possible. What Video Game Character Are You?


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