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Sumber Musik Alternatif

Karena saya sedang muak dengan musik yang beredar di Indonesia saya sarankan orang-orang untuk mencari alternatif di ClassicCat. Banyak pilihannya, ada banyak bacaan sebagai referensi atau saran untuk “orang baru”, dan bisa diunduh gratis; setidaknya itu yang tertulis disitu.

Mungkin, kalau gelombang otak kita sama, maka anda akan menikmatinya. Saya sendiri terkejut dengan kenyataan bahwa saya bisa menikmati beberapa nomor dari jenis musik tersebut.

Entah memang karena dongkol atau sudah umurnya saya tidak tahu. 😀


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PulseAudio on Kubuntu 8.10

This part was supposed to be a part of A Few Days In KDE 4 post, but I think it deserves its own post.

First of all, when I played with my new Kubuntu I realized that I forgot to backup PulseAudio settings. Damn. Anyway, this might be a good read for everybody else trying to get PulseAudio working, which I did in 20 minutes or so (most of the times spent downloading PulseAudio and everything else needed to make it work) to get my previous setup.

For a starter, I have to enable ALSA to use PulseAudio output, so I typed this into ~/.asoundrc:

pcm.pulse {
  type  pulse

ctl.pulse {
  type  pulse

This should enable PulseAudio audio playback on ALSA (the one I’m using right now and in the past).

Next I have to (re)configure PulseAudio server in this computer, just create another file at ~/.pulse/default.pa and put this in it:

load-module module-alsa-sink
load-module module-native-protocol-tcp auth-ip-acl=;

The first line should load the ALSA module to make PulseAudio use ALSA. The next one is to use native TCP protocol nothing fancy really, with a restriction on clients able to ‘send’ their sound to this computer. In this case I’m accepting sound from my local LAN (machines starting with “192.168” on their IP) and localhost (; of course with extra precaution put on my firewall to block all entrance using PulseAudio port through unwanted network interfaces.

I tried to start PulseAudio for the first time by typing pulseaudio on the console. Right now not only that I know my settings working but I also got ~/.pulse-cookie created by PulseAudio. This is important because this is the cookie that allow the client computer, the one that provides playback, the one with MPD playing my songs, to connect to this computer. This is like public key in SSH, if you know what I’m talking about. Anyway what I have to do is to copy it to the remote machine to make PulseAudio authentication work; scp to the rescue!

At this stage PulseAudio should run as your everyday program, while what I want is to start as a daemon. So to make PulseAudio start as a background program, I created another file called ~/.pulse/daemon.conf and put this in it, a self-explanatory line:


After that when I started pulseaudio it works in the background, perfect. Now I can listen to music like I did before :D.

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Do As Infinity back?

My only guiltless weaboo pleasure, are planning to get back together and maybe to release new “materials”. Kindda make me curious, is that “materials” means new songs, albums, live tours? Anyway, good news is good news, although I realized I’m (almost) a month late to know this.
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