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Greyrobin, My QtCurve Version of Greybird

So I saw Xubuntu’s default XFCE theme from a screenshot few days ago and I like it, enough to look for a KDE version of it. Sadly none exists at the time, and so I think I might have to create one.

This is my attempt to re-create Greybird using what I already have in KDE. I try to put as much as controls in that screenshot to show how it looks like in different applications.

I dont have XFCE installed so I’m using Greybird screenshots from a Google search. I’m sorry if I don’t get all the details right, but for me it’s close enough.

How To Get It

All you need is QtCurve which you can install it from source or from your distribution package, and good ol’ KDE.

Now you need this QtCurve theme file and a matching KDE color scheme and extract it somewhere, for example:

$ cd /tmp
$ wget http://ompldr.org/vZG04Zw/greyrobin.tar.xz
$ unxz greyrobin.tar.xz|tar xvf -

Now go to KDE System Settings > Application Appearance and click “Style”, in the “Applications” tab select “QtCurve” as widget style and click “Configure…”. Now you should get the QtCurve configuration dialog, in the “Presets” groupbox click “Import…” and select the greyrobin.qtcurve file. Make sure the new theme is selected and dismiss the dialog by clicking “OK”.

Select “Colors” on the left list (just under the “Style” icon), in the “Scheme” tab click the “Import Scheme…” button and select the boringgrey.colors file. Select the new color scheme and click the “Apply” button.

Click “Overview” button on the toolbar to get you back to KDE System Settings and select “Workspace Appearance”. In the “Window Decorations” make sure the “QtCurve” decoration is selected, select it if not and click “Apply” to use it.

Now, optionally, you can install and use the “Ubuntu” font size 12 as your “Window title” font setting to get the full effect.

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This Is Just Too Funny, I Have To Re-Post It Here

Credit to the original author, a spin of the thought-provoking dialog between Jack Nicholson’s and Tom Cruise’s character in A Few Good Men movie.

Yeah, IANAL, but a warrant means police have the authority to go look for something in a specific location, not the authority to command a suspect divulge information. You have to trick them into revealing the secret by leveraging their own ego:

Col. Jessep: You want answers?

Kaffee: I think I'm entitled.

Col. Jessep: You want answers?

Kaffee: I want the truth!

Col. Jessep: You can't handle the truth!

Col. Jessep: Son, we live in a world that has tubes,
and those tubes have to be guarded by encryption
algorithms. Who's gonna do it? You? You, 
Lt. Weinburg? I have more numerous salt bits than 
you could possibly fathom. You weep for digital 
forensics, and you curse the cipher.

You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not 
knowing what I know. That cryptography's invention, 
while inconvenient, probably keeps secrets. And my 
use of it, while absurd and incomprehensible to you, 
keeps secrets. You don't want the truth because 
deep down in places you don't talk about at 
parties, you want secrets to be kept, you need 
secrets to be kept.

We use words like key, code, hash. We use these 
words as the backbone of a science dedicated to 
securing communication. You use them as a specter. 

I have neither the time nor the inclination to 
explain cryptography to a man who rises and sleeps 
under the blanket of the very security that it 
provides, and then questions the security it 
provides for others. I would rather you just said 
thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I 
suggest you pick up a decrypter, and start brute 
forcing. Either way, I don't give a damn what you 
think you are entitled to.

Kaffee: Do you know the private key?

Col. Jessep: I know the premise of encry...

Kaffee: Do you know the private key?

Col. Jessep: 4b752O7o3dgJ#?;6q7IxLBr7:#gUL^!

Boom! Techno-lawyered.

I just put some line breaks for easier reading.

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SLiM Theme: blackwidow

Here, have a nice theme for SLiM:

SLiM Theme: blackwidow

Download: http://ompldr.org/vYjk2ZA/

To use this, you need to install Droid Sans Mono font.

Source image.

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I Prefer to Start At ~/ Please

For people (me included) who gets annoyed to find they start at ~/Documents every time they use Konsole/Terminal/urxvt/whatever, Vim, Dolphin, etc. here’s what to do to make it start at ~/:

  1. Edit file ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs
  2. Add or edit an entry named XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR having value of "$HOME/":

  3. Save it.

Restart any application as needed. You’re welcome.

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PulseAudio di Windows Sudah Tidak Gagap Lagi

Latar Belakang

Kadang kalau lagi mau main game terpaksa harus boot ke Windows XP. Lebih sering lagi kalau lagi main ingin sambil enjoy musik, sama seperti kalau lagi pakai Linux.

Sayangnya port server PulseAudio (PA) untuk Windows terlalu jadul, masih versi 0.9.6, dari tahun 2007-an dan agak keteteran mengikuti perkembangan development di Linux yang udah versi 0.9.20-an.


Katanya sih karena ada kesulitan waktu porting, maklum aja soalnya PA habitat aslinya di Linux-land sih. Feature-feature baru di test di Linux, dan kebanyakan developernya orang-orang Linux juga, jadi port untuk Windows jadi anak tiri. Ada sukur.. gak ada ya gak usah sewot, gitu maksudnya.

Gw udah pernah coba compile sendiri pake mingw32 tapi emang gak bisa.

Karena lagi mumet malas baca kode punya orang, gak penting-penting amat (masih bisa streaming lewat http), dan gak sakti-sakti amat ilmu Linux gw jadi gw (macam) postpone aja dulu, akhirnya “terpaksa” nyangkut pakai binary dari Cendio

Mau denger musik aja kok repot?

Lah iya, soalnya musik saya di komputer terpisah. Komputer yang nyimpen file-file musik jalanin program mpd, lalu nanti dia stream lagu ke komputer lainnya.

Karena komputer yang digunakan sebagai penyimpanan lagu ini sering di-update maka Music Player Daemon (MPD), program yang digunakan untuk menjalankan musik, sudah beberapa kali di-update versinya dan wajar kalau sudah pakai library PA yang lebih baru.

Server PA yang di Windows, yang masih menggunakan kode dari tahun 2007, suaranya sering putus-putus seperti orang gagap, beda dengan server PA yang di Linux.

Berdasarkan analisa ala-kadarnya, nampaknya setiap kali pakai server PA Windows penggunaan CPU MPD selalu naik sampai 100%. Anehnya, kalau coba set output ke ALSA atau streaming lewat http cpu utilization-nya gak sampai 10%, jadi masalahnya pasti di sekitar PA.

Kalau di server PA Linux tidak menunjukkan gejala seperti itu maka kesimpulan berikutnya adalah karena ada mekanisme yang berubah di PA, yang sayangnya tidak backward-compatible dengan kode dari tahun 2007.

Oh oke, jadi kenapa nge-blog?

Ini lho, nampaknya sudah ada yang mengerjakan Windows port yang baru, walaupun status masih UNSUPPORTED dan belum semua fasilitas sudah di port ke Windows.

Jadi lewat blog ini saya mau bilang terima kasih/”thank you” kepada Maarten Bosmans (mkbosmans), yang sudah menyediakan binary yang siap pakai.

Gimana cara pakainya?

  1. Ekstrak.
  2. Edit file etc/pulse/default.pa dan masukkan parameter-parameter yang diperlukan, misal:
    load-module module-native-protocol-tcp auth-ip-acl=;
  3. Copy file module-module yang dibutuhkan (kalau saya: module-native-protocol-tcp.dll, module-null-sink.dll, dan module-waveout.dll) dari direktori lib/pulse/modules ke direktori bin.
  4. Buat shortcut ke bin/pulseaudio.exe -D

Kalau mau lebih jelas, silahkan baca The Perfect Setup.

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Sumber Musik Alternatif

Karena saya sedang muak dengan musik yang beredar di Indonesia saya sarankan orang-orang untuk mencari alternatif di ClassicCat. Banyak pilihannya, ada banyak bacaan sebagai referensi atau saran untuk “orang baru”, dan bisa diunduh gratis; setidaknya itu yang tertulis disitu.

Mungkin, kalau gelombang otak kita sama, maka anda akan menikmatinya. Saya sendiri terkejut dengan kenyataan bahwa saya bisa menikmati beberapa nomor dari jenis musik tersebut.

Entah memang karena dongkol atau sudah umurnya saya tidak tahu. 😀

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FreePascal, Lazarus, and Qt

FPC 2.4.0, Laz 0.9.28-2, Qt4

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‘cos those MP3 wont convert by themselves.


# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# It is a simple script to convert mp3 files (one at a time) to ogg on my 
# other computer, because that's where the LAME codec is installed.
# Last edit: 5 June 2009
# It requires sox (with LAME installed) on the other computer.
# Usage: ssh_mp32ogg.sh [-s SERVER] [-u USERNAME] [-r BITRATE] infile outfile
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

server="CHIKUZA.KRYIE";	# default server
server_usr="ariel"	# default user @ server, must be exists
out_rate=4	# output bitrate to ~ 128

for cur_arg in "$@" ; do 
  if [ -z "$mp3_fn" ] && [ -f "$cur_arg" ] ; then
    echo "Input file is $mp3_fn";
  elif [ -z "$out_fn" ] && [ ! -z "$mp3_fn" ] ; then
    echo "Output file is $out_fn";

while getopts s:u:r: OPTION; do
  case "$OPTION" in
	s)	shift `echo "$OPTIND -1" | bc`;
	u)	shift `echo "$OPTIND -1" | bc`;
	r)	shift `echo "$OPTIND -1" | bc`;
		out_rate=`echo "$OPTARG / 32" | bc`;

# do the format conversion
cat "$1" | ssh $server_usr@$server "sox -S -t mp3 - -C $out_rate -t ogg -" > "$2"

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Because I got ICO files and I want them in PNG.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import os, glob

# location of the files
sourceDir = "/media/yamazaki/Work/Pictures/Icons/KidsXP/"
# output directory
targetDir = "/tmp/kidsxp_png/"
# the real processor of this script: imagemagick 
convertCmd = "convert %s[9] -resize %s %s"
# which categories to process? all of 'em?
processDirs = ("actions", "apps", "devices", "filesystems", "mimetypes")
# extract it and move into known usable sizes 
knownSizes = ('16x16', '22x22', '32x32', '48x48', '64x64', '96x96', '128x128')

def processDir(path, thissize):
  print "Processing source path : %s" % path
  dummy, category = os.path.split(path)

  for item in glob.glob(path + '/*.ico'):
    dummy, itemName = os.path.split(item)
    tgtDir = os.path.join(targetDir, thissize, category, '')
    tgtName = itemName[:-3] + 'png' # "xyz.ico" filename to "xyz.png"
    print "Writing %20s -> %s" % (itemName, tgtDir + tgtName)
    if not os.path.exists(tgtDir):
    cmd = convertCmd % (item, thissize, tgtDir + tgtName)
    # execute
    os.system(cmd)  # ooh! the horror!!

for item in processDirs:
  s = sourceDir + item
  if os.path.isdir(s):
    for size in knownSizes:
      processDir(s, size)
    print "Skipping %s" % (s)

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Komputer lama jadi server

WinXP Pro SP2 server desktop from VNCOke jadi gw punya komputer tua dengan spesifikasi: Pentium 4 1,7GHz, 256 SDRAM, NVidia GForce4MX, 80 GB HDD, 1 CD-RW, on-board soundcard, dan 4 port USB v1.0. Komputer ini gw setup sebagai komputer server pribadi, untuk melayani beberapa komputer dan sebuah notebook yang sama-sama lebih baru daripada komputer ini.

Di komputer lama ini gw install dua OS (system), yaitu Mandriva Linux 2006 Free Edition (Mandriva) dan Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 (WinXP Pro SP2). Sebenarnya pada awalnya hanya ada WinXP Pro SP2, karena gw pernah bekerja menggunakan komputer ini dan pekerjaan gw semua serba Windows. Mandriva baru di-install kira-kira satu tahun sebelum gw memutuskan untuk membeli komputer baru.

Sekedar informasi, sebenarnya WinXP Pro SP2 agak jarang dijalankan karena hampir semuanya sudah bisa dilakukan di Mandriva. WinXP Pro SP2 (masih) ada karena ada beberapa program yang hanya jalan di system Windows (oke, sebenarnya karena gw malas coba-coba dengan Wine :D), seperti FMA untuk ponsel, untuk membaca kamera digital, dsb.
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