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TL-WN722N Problem With Windows XP

We have an aging desktop running Windows XP. I want to update a program from the internet so I need a network connection, since its ethernet cable used somewhere else so I plug my USB WLAN adapter. Strangely, I get disconnected from the network after about an hour or so after I plug it in. Unfortunately this mysterious disconnection also followed by failures to reconnect so I cannot treat it as a mere annoyance, I have to get this fixed.

The usual “repair” option didn’t work, manually disabling and re-enabling the device didn’t work either. I try to reboot, and again after an hour or so the WLAN disconnects itself. Next I physically unplug and replugging the device, still it wont reconnect. I try to google the interwebs on this, I got nothing.

Strange, when I use Linux I didn’t have  this problem, been using it for hours everyday. I try the ethernet/wired connection (I borrow a cable from an unused machine) it works, so at least now I know the problem is with my USB WLAN adapter.

This particular machine has a firewall, Sygate Personal Firewall, which basically used for its nice notifier when applications making network connections. It is also very old, but its good enough for a freeware. This machine also have VirtualBox installed, it says “VirtualBox from Oracle”, definitely newer than the firewall program.

Looking at two of this program I suspect that one of them is the cause of this problem because:

  • A firewall is works at low-level, at least the decent ones. So it is ALWAYS a factor when network connection showing exhibiting problems.
  • VirtualBox install a virtual network interface for its “Host-only” network. To me it smells like the driver is mucking with this machine’s networking.

After some trial-and-error, I found that by removing VirtualBox it solves the mysterious disconnection problem.

So there you go, if your TL-WN722N mysteriously disconnects in Windows XP and you have Sygate Personal Firewall and VirtualBox installed you should try to remove VirtualBox. Hey.. the more you know!


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Bought A USB Wireless Adapter

TP-LINK TL-WN722NI just bought USB wireless adapter TL-WN722N, it works very well on Linux. Just plug it in, run a dmesg, install iwconfig + wpa_supplicant, and since I’m feeling lazy lately, I use networkmanager to deal with the configuration details.

Now I have at least three TP-LINK equipments in my house. They have no problem working with Linksys stuff I have here, and it doesn’t look ugly at all for a device I bought for less than $10. I have to say for their price they do make some decent stuff, or maybe I’m just lucky to get only the good ones. As far as I can tell now, I only have two problems with this device:

  1. The damn cap is not tied to the main body, I might lose it soon.
  2. I can only plug it in my computer with the white side facing the wrong direction! What a strange design choice.

And that gentlemen, is another update for this blog, at least for now. 🙂

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USB Flash disk bikin panik

Siang tadi, waktu mau memindahkan data dari USB Flash disk (UFd) ternyata menjadikan suatu pekerjaan biasa menjadi ermm.. tidak biasa. Lagi asiknya meindahkan data dari UFd ternyata ditengah jalan proses pemindahan data gagal. What the hell? Secara garis besar pesan errornya bilang bahwa flashdisk tidak bisa ditulis, sedang di write-protect bla..bla.bla.

Oke, mungkin waktu itu saya lagi sedikit tidak konsenstrasi pindahin datanya.. dicoba lagi prosesnya dari awal. Setelah beberapa detik, pesan yang sama keluar lagi. Oke, berarti tekanan darah gw masih normal.. dan gw gak berhalusinasi :-D.

Karena sudah kebiasaan gw menggunakan perintah Cut + Paste dari pada Copy + Paste untuk file dari UFd, maka hal yang pertama kali diperiksa apaan sih yang dipindahin. Sapa tau ada yang lagi dipake, anehnya.. lagi gak buka apa-apa kok dari UFd.

Oke, mungkin ini ada shell-extension yang ngaco, baca file dari UFd jadi gak bisa diapus filenya. Explorer dimatiin, lalu Windows di “lite-restart” yang secara garis besar me-restart process explorer.exe. Suatu teknik yang tidak biasa dilakukan orang-orang, karena termasuk jurus silat terlarang 😀 yang melibatkan kombinasi tombol Ctrl + Shift + Alt + tombol ‘Cancel’ di dialog Shutdown Computer. Setelah yakin tidak ada program mencurigakan yang lagi jalan di background, explorer.exe dijalanin lagi. Dan hasilnya, tetap tidak bisa.. lho? **alis mata langsung naik**

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